unFIT is India's only app with All-in-One fitness solution. We are ready to revolutionize the fitness industry and update the wellness and Med-tech sector standards.

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Customised tips and advices that help you in long term to stay fit and healthy.

Locate Nearby GYMs

Discover and enjoy your favourite workouts at top gyms and fitness studios near you.

Personalised Diet Plans

Get customised nutritional Diet plans designed for your fitness goal.

Wellness Products

Get the best brands of wellness Products on a single click with ease of availability and purchase.

Nutritional Supplements

Get a list of all brands delivering sports nutrition on your screens.

Gym FIT Pass

User can access FIT pass for associated gym from anywhere by just paying per day charges.

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Convert your passion to your ultimate profession

unFIT creates opportunities to monetize your skills and passion. It also helps you get recognised universally.

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Become desired fitness equipment seller in your area

unFIT gives a platform to deliver their business online and attain the appropriate target market.

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We assist health professionals from all over the world

unFIT provides a wider target market which connects you with the right set of audience evolving your monetisation.

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Expand the Brand Value with unFIT

unFIT gives a platform to reach the right target group virtually and showcase your fitness studio to the entire audience globally.

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Be FIT with unFIT

Queries? We have solutions...

What is unFIT?

unFIT is an application that brings the fitness community closer on a screen to deliver and provide the best skills, products, equipments and nutrition. unFIT can ease the fitness journey for fitness enthusiasts and help provide monetisation to professionals.

How can I be a part of unFIT?

You can log in in the application to be a part of unFIT. Log in using your Facebook profile or Google profile. On the first introduction page itself you can see 6 user profiles. Log in selecting anyone out of it. This way you can be a part of the unFIT community.

Is unFIT available on ios and android?

Yes, unFIT is available on ios and Android both.

How can I make money through unFIT?

unFIT offers you a platform to convert your passion into your profession. You can offer services as a health professional, dietician, nutrition expert, gym owners and corporate sellers who can market their business to a large and wider audience and gain higher outcomes. unFIT will connect businesses and the fitness enthusiasts together.

How can I get information about Gyms subscriptions?

In the gym section of unFIT, you can click on the gym profile which is located nearest to you or which you aspire to visit and get the subscription plans of the gyms.

As a seller, is it possible to sell my fitness products on unFIT platform?

Yes, You can sell your fitness products on unFIT. Whether it is sports nutrition or fitness equipment you can sell it through the app. Every sports and fitness associated brand can list their products on the app in two different categories like Corporate and Nutrition supplements.


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